Orthodontic Treatment Methods

Basically, there are two types of orthodontic treatments; removable and fixed apparatus. Removable apparatus can be removed by the patient at will meanwhile fixed apparatus are attached to the teeth by your dental professional. These apparatus divide into sub groups. For example; removable apparatus are for treatment and post-treatment reinforcement. Fixed apparatus are divided into two groups such as metal and aesthetic braces.

Every individual has different issues and expectations. It is imperative to establish an exclusive treatment plan for each patient. Materials and treatment options differ from one another. Treatment age also differs from person to person in addition to treatment duration, which is different for the characteristics of each problem. Shortest treatment time is 6 months. Treatment lasting 1-2 years are the most common. Treatment can also last for 3-4 years. It is definitely a painless process. Some minor issues regarding adjustment can be encountered in the first 2 weeks. The patients can continue their normal lives by adhering to certain dietary instructions given by the dental professional. Follow-up appointments for adjustments or changes under doctor supervision is necessary for a healthty course of treatment.